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    Why I Became Interested In Politics

    For the first 27 years or so of my life, I was pretty uninterested in politics. Then one day, a friend of mine said something to me that changed my whole perspective. Find out why I became interested in politics.

    How I Discovered I'm A Libertarian

    Until I became interested in politics, I was a ``flip-flop'' voter, always trying to vote out the current party in a futile attempt to minimize the damage. In the same conversation in which I discovered an interest in politics, I also found my political home.

    Which Votes Are Wasted?

    A vote is only wasted if you vote for someone or something you don't want. You may think it is better to vote for a candidate or proposition that can win than to vote for a candidate or proposition that more closely matches your views but has virtually no chance in the current election. If you do, you are just sacrificing the future for something that you don't really want today. Think about it.
    Updated 15 September 1998