Brian Katzung's Hobbies



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    Aside from eating and politics, I also enjoy spending time with my wife, Katherine, ballroom dancing, computers, downhill skiing, photography and videography, and travel. 

    I first tried ballroom dancing as a student at the University of California in Berkeley. My course work didn't allow me time to do very much. When I graduated and moved to Illinois, I was able to take group and private lessons. I competed as an amateur for about six years. I love to go dancing with my wife whenever we get a chance. 

    I've been working with computers since 1974 when I was in junior high school. I started out on a Digital Equipment Corporation minicomputer at UC San Francisco and have been working with an expanding arena of hardware and software ever since. 

    I became seriously interested in photography when I started ballroom dancing. It was a natural photo opportunity. I became interested in videography as a way to record my dancing lessons for later review. My interests expanded to video editing when I became involved in videotaping presentations at and for company meetings. 

    Updated 13 September 1998