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See Eating Recommendations for restaurant links.
Zagat Survey Restaurant reviews
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  • Area Code Lookup
  • Phone lookups for people, businesses, government, fax numbers, and toll-free. I like the forward and reverse area code lookup facility.
    InfoSpace Their reverse lookup facility, although listed under the white pages heading, covers businesses, faxes, and toll-free numbers too.
    The Directory 
  • Area Codes By Location 
  • Area Code Index
  • This site lists internet service providers and bulletin board systems, but includes information on area codes by location and locations by area code.
    Big Yellow Pages
    GTE Super Pages
    Switchboard White & 
    Yellow Pages
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    Professional Photographers of America (PP of A) Resources for photographers and people in need of a photograher.
    United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association (USABDA) The nation-wide organization of competitive, college and social Amateur Ballroom Dancers in the United States. It functions as the governing body in the USA for amateur ballroom dancing (also known as Dancesport.)
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    Advocates For Self-Government 
  • World's Smallest Political Quiz
  • "Self-Government is responsibility combined with tolerance." 

    Do you feel politically homeless? Take their political quiz.

    American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) "The American Civil Liberties Union is the nation's foremost advocate of individual rights -- litigating, legislating, and educating the public on a broad array of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States... The mission of the ACLU is to assure that the Bill of Rights -- amendments to the Constitution that guard against unwarranted governmental control -- are preserved for each new generation."
    CSPAN Television CSPAN's mission: To provide gavel-to-gavel coverage of Congress and to provide a conduit between the public and elected and appointed officials.
    Democratic Party The Democratic National Committee.
    Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR) FEAR is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to reform of federal and state asset forfeiture laws to restore due process and protect the property rights of innocent citizens.
    Fully-Informed Jury Association (FIJA) A non-profit association dedicated to education of all Americans about their rights, powers and responsibilities as trial jurors. The power of the jury to judge [...] the merits of the law itself is central to its proper functioning as a judicial and political institution.
    League Of Women Voters "The League of Women Voters is a multi-issue organization whose mission is to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government and to influence public policy through education and advocacy."
    Libertarian Party We hold that all individuals have the right to exercise sole dominion over their own lives, and have the right to live in whatever manner they choose, so long as they do not forcibly interfere with the equal right of others to live in whatever manner they choose.
    Republican Party The Republican National Committee.
    Yahoo! U.S. Parties Yahoo!'s index of U.S. political parties.
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    Alta Vista
    Zip Code Lookups Back To Contents
    City & State Associations Find the zip code for city and state, or vice versa.
    Zip + 4 Lookup Look up the extended zip code for a specific delivery address.
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