Brian Katzung

2785 Grace Road, Northbrook, IL 60062 / 847.331.0604

Senior Software Developer/Programmer

  • Perl, PHP, Ruby, C, JavaScript
  • UNIX / Linux / Mac OS / Windows
  • Kernel / Tools / Web / Applications
  • Process analysis
  • Requirements gathering thru implementation
  • Training and support

United States citizen available in person in the greater Chicago, Illinois area or to telecommute elsewhere.

Objective: Apply software development skills to develop or enhance software products and/or realize process improvements.

Work Experience

President/Senior Consultant; Kappa Computer Solutions, LLC, Northbrook, IL

   1999 - Present

JFM Systems, LLC, Chicago, IL

   2004 - 2010

Incorporating JFM Management, Inc

JFM Management, Inc, Chicago, IL

   2003 - 2004

Consultant; Perot Systems Corporation, Dallas, TX

   1999 - 2002

All work at client location(s)

Senior Software Engineer; UBS Warburg, Chicago, IL

   1999 - 2002

Senior Programmer/Consultant; Tri-Sage, Palatine, IL

   1997 - 1998

Incorporating Cypher-Sage and Tripcom Systems

Senior Programmer/Consultant; Cypher-Sage, Palatine, IL

   1996 - 1997

Senior Software Engineer; Swiss Bank Corporation, Chicago, IL

   1995 - 1996

Software Developer; Information Technology Solutions, Chicago, IL

   1994 - 1995

Senior Software Engineer; SHL System House, Naperville, IL

   1992 - 1994

Incorporating Interactive Systems Corporation; all work performed at client location(s)

Senior Software Engineer; Swiss Bank Corporation, Lisle and Chicago, IL

   1992 - 1994

Other Work

Education and Training

Awards and Patents

Top Skills

Operating Systems:
BSD UNIX/Linux/Oracle (Sun) Solaris, Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows

Programming Languages:
C, HTML, Javascript, Perl, PHP, Ruby, shell, SQL

Apache, MySQL